The project

The aim of IMACTIS is to stimulate European citizens into using social network images in a way so that they may manage their identities in a critical manner. Digital media have profoundly changed the meaning of identity through two different shifts as regards social interaction. On the one hand, experience-based communication such as the acts of liking, following, and sharing, together with the diffusion of representations such as selfies, point of view shots, and live videos, have led to the dissemination of instinctual forms of identity expression. On the other hand, the profiling of people’s social and political circles (Facebook), entertainment tastes (Netflix), service or product needs (Amazon and AdSense), and even of their sexual partners (Grindr and Tinder), has led to the delegation of behavioural identity management to algorithms.

The main hypothesis of IMACTIS is that in order to link experiential representations with algorithmic management in the current communication environment, a reflexive and conscious narrative identity based on one’s own visual archives is required.